Our 2023 litter has been born! We have 5 girls and 3 boys born 6th September. Please see photos below.

Click here to view pedigree of this litter.

Kado is a gorgeous medium coat male who has produced some incredible offspring, including Best in Group & Best in Specialty Show winners. Kado is my all-time favourite medium coated dog worldwide, and we are very lucky that he is Australian born and bred.

Kado is a very sweet natured, laid back and affectionate male. He is confident but sensible, and always been easy to live with and take out and about.

As with our first litter, we feel Kado pairs beautifully with Artemis to correct her flaws, while maintaining her sweet disposition. We have very high expectations for the quality produced by these two, and feel the litter will be on par with our first.

Our hope with this pairing is to improve upon Artemis’ topline and front assembly, whilst maintaining or improving her rear assembly. We expect the litter to be moderate to medium energy levels and drive, with the possibility of high energy / drive.

As Kado has one copy of MDR1, every puppy has been DNA tested with Embark to ascertain whether they are are clear or have one copy. We also learned of a new breed health issue called Cerebellar Hypoplasia whilst Artemis was pregnant, and she came back as a carrier despite being clear of it with Embark (different strain tested), as such all our puppies were tested for this with 3 puppies come back clear, 5 puppies coming back as carriers and 0 puppies coming back as affected.

We are very excited that both parents from this litter are Australian Champion titled, proving their quality as White Swiss Shepherd Dogs.

Kado is bred by Angela at Eishund, but loving owned, raised and shown by Alicia Kasbarian at Kassreign White Swiss Shepherd Dogs. We cannot thank Alicia enough for allowing us access to Kado, and for your support and guidance.

We also need to thank Angela for her undying support of us, and of course for producing such a handsome man. Kado has some really special lines behind him, thanks to the hardwork and dedication of many breeders.

Thank you as well to Susan of Ublong kennels, without which we wouldn’t have our beautiful Artemis.

This will be Artemis’ final litter before being desexed and retired. We do not feel it is necessary to produce as many litters as possible from a female simply because we are allowed to. With two litters, we feel Artemis’ has contributed everything she needs to contribute to our program, and will be desexed and retire to the role of beloved pet and grandmother.