Australian Champion

Royalemerald Until Forever

Valkyrie at 17 months

Australian Champion Ublong Eyma Diva x Eishund Always Bet On Black

DOB: 02/09/2022

Height: To be measured Weight: 28.7kg

Hips: 2:2 Elbow: 0:0

DM: Clear MDR1: Clear vWD: Clear

Eyes: Clear Pituitary Dwarfism: Clear

Cerebellar Hypoplasia: Clear Embark COI: 30%

Carries long coat

Valkyrie is one of the females we have chosen to run on from our first litter. She is much more energetic and drivey than her sister, and we cannot wait to get her into the show and sports rings!

While we still have some improvement to do in Valkyrie’s conformation, we are very pleased with the huge improvement in her from Artemis, and it has greatly reduced what we need to correct in the next generation of breeding! After all, no dog is perfect.

Valkyrie has improved upon Artemis’ front assembly, top line and pigment, which were my main criteria for this breeding! In her next generation, I intend to improve her lay of shoulder, darken her eyes, improve tail set and improve general balance.

Valkyrie is highly social with strangers and other animals. She is gathering fans every where we go, and is my “go to” dog to bring out at a show to meet the general public.

We feel she will be an excellent representation for the medium coat White Swiss Shepherd community, which is sorely needed in a breed dominated by long coats!

We are currently starting our foundation for sports which she has an immense love for, and have so far been awarded 4 sashes and her Championship title 1 day before she turned 10 months old.

Valkyrie winning Best Exhibit in Group at Cootamundra All Breed Kennel Club Open Show
Valkyrie 19 months at Sydney Royal Dog Show
Valkyrie at her first lure coursing trial – she received a pass!

Notable show results

Gulgong Show Society 4th March — Best Minor Puppy in Show

Judge Mr Don Mahoney (NSW) group specials & Mrs Elaine Knox (NSW) general specials

Mildura & District Kennel Club 29th April — Best Minor Puppy in Group

Judge Ms Anne Collyer (Vic)

Cootamunda All Breeds Kennel Club 13th May — 3rd place 6-12 month Sweepstakes

Judge Miss Lauren Schwerdt (SA)

West Wyalong Kennel Club 10th June — Best Puppy in Group

Judge Mr John Comerford (NSW)

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Association of NSW 22nd July — Best Junior in Specialty Show

Judge Mrs Narelle Hammond (NSW)

Sydney Royal Dog Show 28th March — Best Intermediate Bitch (in class of two)

Judge Mr Shawn Nichols (Canada)

Cootamundra All breeds Kennel Club 11th May — Best Exhibit in Group (Open show)

Judge Ms Gemma Folli (NSW)

Health Testing

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Hip & Elbow score
DNA profile
Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Pituitary Dwarfism