This is not a commitment to purchase, simply an expression of interest. When a litter is born, we will contact those who have completed a form to see if they are ready. If you are not ready, we will return your name to its original place in line for the next litter.

Please ensure you fill in this form honestly. There is no right or wrong answer here. We simply want to get to know you, so we can determine which kind of puppy best suits your lifestyle. If you are not honest here, you could be assigned a puppy that is not suitable to your lifestyle or home which can be very stressful and upsetting.

You don’t have to lead a super active lifestyle or groom your dog for 3 hours a day to own one of these puppies – we just need to match a puppies temperament and energy levels to your individual lifestyle.

** Important note **

Please check your spam or junk folders for our reply. We will typically email you within 24 hours of receiving your questionnaire, however we believe our emails are being filtered directly into junk/spam folders.

Alternatively, please add to your “safe sender” list to ensure our email reaches your inbox.

Please make sure this is correct, so we can contact you following your application!
Main register puppies can be shown and bred. Limited papers can participate in ANKC sports, but cannot be shown or bred from.
Multiple choices allowed. Service/Assistance animals work for their handler, therapy dogs work in hospitals, nursing homes etc to provide emotional comfort to others.
Age, breed, are they desexed? Any behavioural issues?
Previous pets, rescue work etc.
How many people live with you? Any children? Do you have a backyard? Anything you think is relevant.
Do you have a yard? Secure fencing?
Is your puppy sleeping in a crate at night, but primarily outside during the day? Do they have free access inside via a dog door?
Are you wanting a puppy now, or in 6-12months time etc?
There is no right or wrong answers, this just helps us match you with the right puppy! If you are not active, please don’t say you’ll walk 3 hours every day – that will make us match you with a high energy puppy!
Again, there is no right or wrong answers, this just helps us match you with the right puppy! If you can’t handle rigorous grooming, please tell us so we can match you to the right pup!
Anything else you’d like us to know that we haven’t covered in this form.